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Working in Fiverr as an accountant and Financial Analyst


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Today I earned the highest amount of money in a single order both in virtual and real life. And I am here to tell you how I reached this stage by the grace of the Almighty Lord.

I started on fiverr as an article writer. I was not native English speaker but I studied under English curriculum in school so i was fairly good at written English. In the meantime my studies continued as an accountant. As I started to gain experience I was confident that I had enough knowledge to start working as an accountant. As a professional in the field it meant more money and less work compared to article writing.

My Account got blocked by Fiverr twice. I guess the reason is because here in my country the cheap internet service providers share one IP across different users so Fiverr system thought I was using multiple accounts. But I didnt give up. I bought a dedicated IP which was more expensive. Fiverr was always my best choice in terms of freelancing platforms because it was easy for new sellers to get started. On other platforms its very hard to get sales.

Working as an accountant and financial analyst in fiverr reduced my workload and increased my revenue. Although I received less in terms of volume, i got more in terms of order value. Also, I had to quickly develop some soft skills that I didnt learn in my formal studies such as working in MS excel, accounting softwares, etc.

My primary advice to those working in this sector would be to learn before you offer your service. I have had many clients who were previously disappointed by the sellers in this category before turning to me. As professionals on this field, we need to maintain our value otherwise sellers will turn to other platforms.
My secondary advice is, no matter how desperate you are never offer to provide any service that is out of your league.
Thirdly, do not undervalue the profession. If you are a new seller buyers who need cheap works might go to you. But you must quote them a reasonable price so that when you become a level 1/2 or top seller one day, your service is properly valued.

I feel that soon my Fiverr income will be enough to replace my full time day job.

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