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Looking For Sellers To Forward Buyers To


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There are some skilled sellers who don’t get enough sales. If you are one them read the following.

I believe I have a luxury problem, so it seems. More often than not I have to turn buyers down due to a lot of orders. Don’t look at my queue, a lot of the orders that I do are not on this platform.
To keep it short: often I receive requests for custom offers that I have to deny because they are economical not interesting for me and some other reasons, like (for me) boring content or I think that somebody else is a better match for the buyer.

At this moment I receive so many requests that I have to schedule when to make custom offers.

Normally I tell buyers that I’m sure they find somebody who can fit their order into their schedule or who is a better fit for them. I think that it would be a better idea to send them more targeted directly to specific sellers. And no, I don’t ask anything in return for this.

So if you have gigs that offer the following feel free to contact me via a PM:

Translation German to Dutch.
Translation English to German.
Translation English to Dutch.

Do NOT PM me for anything else! I will report spam to CS the second I receive it!

I’m also open for collaborations for orders of some of my bigger clients.

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Ik geloof dat ik de perfecte kandidaat voor deze positie te wijten aan mijn beheersing van Google Translate, arrogantie en andere persoonlijke tekortkomingen die lezers kunnen wensen vast te pinnen op mij.

Het is de machine translation’s schuld, niet de mijne. <- Zie? Ik rust mijn geval, lieve welwillende leider.

I also know some good Dutch swearwords, which decency prevents me from sharing on a family forum.

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Ik zou ze uiteraard van tevoren screenen voordat ik ze aanbeveel. Dit houd niet in dat ik zou vragen iets te vertalen, maar dat ik graag een voorbeeld zou willen zien van iets wat ze vertaald hebben, anders zou ik er met mijn aanbeveling natuurlijk slecht voorstaan.

Enne… je valt als kandidaat helaas door de mand.

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It would be a win-win-win-situation.

Win #1 = the seller who does can reject work without leaving the potential buyer without a satisfying answer.
Win #2 = the buyer will have, as already said, a better experience on Fiverr.
Win #3 = the seller who gets the job has something to do.

What’s a little bit funny is, how uninteresting it seems to be for some sellers if there is actually somebody trying to help. The next post of somebody whining will be much more populated in the comment section.

Now I want to enjoy my weekend, as I don’t feel that an ongoing 7-day workweek isn’t really healthy.

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In your gig video is a hick-up between " production can take…or more" and “there is a risk”. Try to fix that, since the video represents your service more than just a talking head video.

Since you have page views, try to figure out why people come into your shop and leave immediately. Have a look your packages. While I’m a total advocate of higher prices, you could try going a little bit lower and raise them again after some more sales.

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