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Which crorkservice gigs should i get?


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I’m a newbie to this service, and although i can design a pretty mean website i have been left behind by all this talk of linkwheels, linkjuice and xrunner etc.

Now, my question is this:

We run a web app and marketing agency to back it up. We’ve got a website, launch press release and explainer video to promote, as well as ongoing blog posts. Having checked out crorkservice (http://fiverr.com/crorkservice) i’m pretty sold on both their offerings and their feedback. They seem the ultimate for SEO.

But where do we start? As i’m a dummy when it comes to all these services and the terminology - what services that they offer is recommended for us? We’re in a pretty crowded marketing (email marketing), so SEO is important for us. We want to boost our site, promote our video, spread our press release AND have ongoing backlinks and social presence for our blog.

Can anyone advise?


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