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Strange message under my messages


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I saw some strange messages under some of my messages. Please see attached images.(Unable to attach them due to some reason)
Here are the links to images
One says message was blocked due to violation of “terms of service”.
Also message I have sent has disappeared. But I didn’t violate any rule. I didn’t ask for any email address or payment outside of fiverr etc.
Could someone please tell me what is the reason for this type of messages. I have never seen this before.
And this messages shows a new time(original time and delivered time there) it was delivered to the buyer. I normally reply for messages as soon as possible. So I have a concern whether my messages delivered lately to those buyers.
Also ealier I receive atleast 1 to 2 new messages from new buyers per day. But for the last week I have only received 2 messages from new buyers for whole week. So I have a doubt whether there is a connection between these green and red strange messages with this. I’m fulltime freelancer and this really matters to me.

And should I inform about this strange messages to the fiverr customer care?

Unable to attach the images. So here are the links

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards

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