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Be aware of this seller! ******** "professional web designer"


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Hi all! Our experience with this seller has been terrible to say the least. We let things sink after a massive inconvenience for not being able to launch our website the promised date, ending in losing 3 clients.
Now, the anger turned into objectivity. Exactly what you need to make a review.
******* seems like a nice guy, very approachable and bubbly but his professionalism is really poor.
His first approach is to make you complete a site map to see if he is capable of meeting the client’s expectations. Well, after filling this up, apparently there were some things that Square Space didn’t allow in the template we chose so we proceed to change it, thinking otherwise nothing could be done and trusting him when he said we will find a happy medium ground.
When we changed the template and chose a new one he said most of our our requests could be met but from here everything goes downhill.
1-He refuses to start the website without any single piece of content.
2-He doesn’t read the emails properly so he asks the same questions over and over again (this makes you lose a lot of time when it’s a written communication).
3- It takes him 2/3 days on average to respond so he left us hanging and stuck from a Thursday to a Monday a couple of times. ( When it supposed to be a 10 day turnaround).
4- He promises features that he is nor capable to deliver purely because he doesn’t know basic coding. (Really strange when your business banner on SS is a computer with a coding).
5- He send us the first looking feel template (what he counted as a first draft) in 40 min after we give him the content, where not even the tabs where properly named! Contact page incomplete and SEO incomplete, newsletter not working, videos in the wrong size, most of the pictures not uploaded, etc.
To sum up we feel ripped off. We paid $375 (thankfully after a “discount”!!) for an incomplete and poor job. We had to go with another seller and pay again and magically all those specs that “SS didn’t allow” in the first place are working perfectly now.
This is only our experience but we strongly warn you about his services.

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