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Hey Fiverr people ,

I am using Fiverr for a Long time now and now My 30% Income is Coming from FIVERR …

I have Some TIPS to get more Ordrers , so That You Guys can earn More money and Enjoy Your Online working !!

  1. Use Social Media Share :-

More Clicks you get , Fiverr will Give You Good ranking . So The Best Way is to get More Ranking is to get More Clicks . to get more Clicks i Keep Sharing My Gigs On Social media.

I have joined many Facebook Groups and have a Strong Twitter Account . So this Way I am getting lots of Clicks and Fiverr is Increase my Impression and I am getting good number of Orders Daily .

  1. Always delivers More Than What Your Gig says :-

This is The Best way to get TIP … I always Delivers Some Extras and Always Gets 5 Star rating and Some TIP too … So thats the best Way !!

  1. As them to Give Feedback :-

Once You Deliver The Order , you Should Always ask Your Client to Give a Review of The gig .

  1. Client Satisfaction is Most important thing :-

if Your Client is not happy with your gig , it means you are Not giving your 100% .

So Always Ask Your Client How You can Improve Your Gig … So This way You can keep Improving Your Gig.

  1. Video :- Always add a Video to your Gig , As It Increase Your Sales by 220% .

  2. 100% Refund Policy :- if Your Client is Not happy , You Should Give him 100% Refund .

This way You will have Lots of Regular return Clients .

7 . keep in touch with Your Client :- You can Easily message Your clients through Fiverr …
So I always Message Them once a Week to Check if They have any Available work for me .

and Trust me , most of Them time I Got orders from many Clients .

8.Response rate :- You Should Response Them within 24 Hours , as Maximum People will Get you maximum Order .

  1. Low cancellation rate will Get You maximum Orders.

10 . Creating the Correct gig is Most important . I have Created 15 Gigs and all are unique . So Fiverr is Giving me Great Impression and I am Earning like $1500 to $2000 a Month … So Creating The Unique gig is The way to get More Orders

If You Maintain 5 Star Rating and You get Regular Orders fiverr can Mark your Gig as featured Gig , This will help The Buyer to Place Order More Frequent .

So Those are The TOP 10 TIPS to get more Orders Quickly … You can ask Your Question By Commenting here !!

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Still breaking those TOS, mate. Not to mention flat out contradictory: how do you maintain a low cancellation rate with a 100% refund policy?

Also, how would you go about refuting the common buyer complaint that 5-star profiles are not a reliable barometer since refunds are a scammy trick to ensure that issues aren’t resolved? Not to mention that you failed to mention that requesting the buyer remove their awful review is required to delete it. If they don’t–or the buyer refuses, you’re out $$$ and rep.

Stop treating this like a step-by-step numbers guide to success and create a “guide” to flog on JVZoo. Only it won’t sell because of your bizarre formatting. Mind you, JVZoo appears to let just about any numpty sell their reskinned PLR these days, so what do I know.

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Good tips for the most part, but I’m wondering how you can turn order cancellations into returning customers. If a client didn’t like your gig and requested a refund, then why would they order again from you?

You mentioned that you should message your clients every week to ask for more work. I haven’t tried it myself, but I suppose for certain type of gigs it might work.

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