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When getting a spokesperson video

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When looking for a spokesperson video…there should be an option to filter by location.

Let’s say I wanted a spanish speaking spokesperson…Mexico, Spain, Argentina and Peru all have different dialects.

If I wanted Croatian…the dialect spoken near the Hungarian border, Zagreb and let’s say Dubrovnik are slightly different.

British, American, Australian english…different.

If I was looking for a let’s say Colombian spanish…If I search for spanish spokesperson, the first 3 pages will be Mexican Spanish spokespersons. NOTHING AGAINST MEXICANS OR MEXICO.

I don’t know how to explain this, but I am Croatian and Peruvian, As Peruvian I can tell the difference between Mexican, Spain, Argentine and Peruvian Spanish.

Arabic has some different dialects.

Anyone can learn a language but sometimes we want someone that is native speaker not someone that learned it. I can tell if you learned Spanish and Croatian or you learned it. Not the same.

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