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Pay extra.. seriously!

Guest matt_garry

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Guest matt_garry

Sure you can get a great service for $5 but why would you want to?? When you can get a much better service or product for just a little more. If you ever think to you’re self wow if I hired this guy anywhere else I would be paying 100’s or even 1000’s then why not pay a little extra?? Think about it throwing him an extra 20-40 is still a massive discount and it allows the seller to spend as much time as needed and over deliver to the point you mite be blown away instead of just mildly impressed you got something cool for 5 bucks.

If you are using Fiverr for you’re business then you are only hurting you’re self going for a $5 service. I don’t care how good the service is for $5; no one is working to the best of their ability for that wage. If it is a logo, song, art, jingle, script, testimonial, voice over ect… You seriously want to tell you’re boss you paid someone the absolute minimum for a product that is going to be representing you’re company??

have a good day,


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