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Just recently I posted a request for an article and within 2 hours I went through about 35 offers. Unfortunately, there was only 1 seller who actually read my request and met my requirements. Now, I did set a budget of $10 for 500 words, so I knew that I won’t get top sellers, but I had slightly higher expectations. I’m sure there are plenty of posts listing all the steps that new sellers should follow, but I figured I’ll try out this forum by posting few tips of my own.

Anyways, here are some tips from my own experience:

  • If you are responding to a request, then take the time to read it and respond accordingly.
  • Avoid using all caps and multiple exclamation marks in a row. It’s not handwriting, I can read just fine 🙂
  • Don’t use a watermarked stock image. If you wish to use one of those office desk photos then there are plenty of places where you can get them without a watermark.
  • Don’t use a profile image of someone else. If you don’t wish to use your own image, then use a custom logo, animated character etc.
  • If you’re a copywriter then make sure your gig description doesn’t have any grammar mistakes. I make mistakes myself and I don’t care if let’s say a web developer from Pakistan has a few, but a copywriter can’t afford even a punctuation mistake.
  • If you are selling blog posts, then it helps if you own a blog yourself. It’s the best way to showcase your work and promote your work outside of Fiverr.
  • If you have received negative feedback, then make sure you respond to it with an explanation.

Before anyone starts sending me new offers, I would like to say that I don’t need any new articles. I will post a new request or reach out to sellers myself when I need one 🙂

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>If you are responding to a request, then take the time to read it and respond accordingly.

Sadly for some unknown reason, people don’t read.
I seriously hope people READ ( YES, READ!!) what you posted here.
I guess a lot of people don’t understand that “reading” means to
read through the whole thing, and let the information circulate and digest inside your brain, and
make sure you have understood everything.

Apparently in the Fiverr world though, “reading” is to just mindlessly letting your eyeballs run
over everything…

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I value honesty, so if I see a stock photo or picture of a celebrity, then I consider it misleading. If they use a fake photo, then how can I be sure that anything in their gig description is true. This goes especially for writers who claim to offer 100% original work.

I don’t care how the person looks like, as long as it’s their picture. If a person is camera shy then they can use a logo, drawing of themselves etc.

Now, that’s just my opinion and it goes for the profile picture. There are plenty of buyers who don’t mind this, so up to you if you wish to use a stock photo or your own picture.

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Careful though, one reads that it isn´t unheard of that some sellers here not just grab their profile pics from Google, but don´t shy away from stealing their comrades’ pics, gig descriptions, even portfolios, so the check it with Google Image reverse search might be not 100% sure 😉
Joking, mostly, really good post and tips!

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Valid point there, profile pic is not a guarantee for anything and you can’t always tell if it’s a stock image or someone else’s.

When I was writing this I was even thinking that I’m probably educating fraudster how to make their gig more trustworthy 😃

Nowadays even a video doesn’t prove that you are qualified for the writing job.

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Haha, yes, maybe. Like in another recent post by someone who got asked to translate the gig of another ‘translator’ into German, the gig was about translating into German…
But I guess it´s an innate feature of help/tip posts, we have to live with that, if we want such posts,

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