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Your username is YOU, not what you do


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I’m a Fiverr newbie, but in the few days I’ve been active here, I’ve learned the importance of having a multipurpose username.

I’m sure this has already been talked about, and I’m sure many may disagree - but I think a username shouldn’t be your niche.

I know a niche for a name may seem professional, but it may turn into a nightmare. I’d rather play it safe, than look professional. You don’t want to start out as a copywriter, and end up being a "write message on my belly for you’ seller. THAT, is NOT professional.

When you’re offering a service to a worldwide audience, your creativity must be exhibited, and having a name that limits your scope may hurt a lot in the long run.

And I know one of you may be thinking that this can’t apply to those already on Fiverr, and yes, cause you can’t change your username, but this is for all those that have the time to tell those that haven’t yet used Fiverr. Oh, and for the many people that read the Fiverr Forum but don’t use Fiverr.

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Guest uxreview

Agree, Fiverr should provide an option to change it. I didn’t want to use my name, because I had to use it with numbers, so I figured that the second best option is to use a name related to what I do.
Should have gone with name+number combination

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