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What to do when you don't receive orders?


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Hi everyone!

My name is Joaquin, I’m a graphic designer from Uruguay. I love designing, I think that I would do it for free if I could. Here at Fiverr there are millions of designers, some of them very talented, and for that reason it’s impossible for me getting new orders.

The only people that ordered my gigs are previous clients, one from Fiverr and the rest from other places.

I don’t know what else to do. I promoted my gig on forums, buyers requests, Facebook and in my portfolio at behance, but it’s so difficult.

I think that people only make orders from gigs with more than 50 reviews, and it’s very difficult for those we have just started with a new gig. It’s even more difficult for me because of the competition that design has on Fiverr.

I consider myself a talented person, and my dream is to have thousands of orders like some of the sellers here, I’ll keep trying, but I need to ask you, what should I do to get more orders?

Hope someone can help me.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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Guest uxreview

I wish I saw your gig couple of months ago when I needed a logo. I went through like 60+ gigs and I don’t recall yours. So maybe one option would be using a video introduction to get a higher ranking in Fiverr search. Because your price range seems to be just fine. You’re giving out source files for $5, which is not common for design gigs.

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