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Nobody give me order in my gig


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Guest silkroute


Your profile page mentions your skills as being “cheap services”, and your forum post reinforces it with a resounding “my fiverr gigs is worthless”, well, in that case, all that is left for the lurking buyers to say is “I agree”.

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Haha! bro don’t wary, be patient, success will come and knock your door! online
basic of online work is 3 things
. 1.Device,
2.Internet and
But ability and skills come from indifference, without this, skill, ability can not gain, so I add this into 3rd options.and dreaming is most important, but computer and internet never come without dreaming, so I add this into 1 and 2.

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Guest paromac

Hi @drishyadipesh

I’m new on fiverr. Just a week old, in fact. But I have some experience working as a self-employed individual offline. I’m learning a lot from the forums about how this site works, and one thing I noticed from the day I created my account was the number of people complaining about not getting gig orders.

Here’s the thing. Do you know how a new shop starts selling? They open a store, stock up on their products, then use all their resources to advertise their business. They don’t stand on the street corner and cry that people are not buying from them despite their very cheap prices. That’d would only harm their reputation.

Now, despite good advertisement, a shiny new shop with a big attractive hoarding, and all those inexpensive, good quality products waiting to be sold, that business will still need to do one more thing to find its customers. It’ll need to wait.

For a very long time all you might get are no orders, and then only a few $5 orders in a month. Do them diligently. And then wait some more. Eventually, your reputation will bring in more clients. At that point you can start talking about your fiverr dreams.

I hope you have the patience to stick it out. I hope I have the resolve to stick it out till then. But let’s neither of us demean ourselves with posts like this again, okay?

Best of luck.

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Guest uxreview

Besides everything mentioned above, I would also recommend reviewing your entire gig description.

  • I get that English is not your native language, but your gig starts with “I am a profession typist” and finishes with “kindly Inbox me”. This raises 2 questions. Will you be able to understand a buyer and their instructions? How can a buyer be sure that you can type without mistakes? It doesn’t mean you can’t do it, but some buyers will have these concerns.
  • Your packages include features like “topic research” and “focus keywords”. I’m not sure how these are related to your gig because you’re not a copywriter. Some buyers might get confused by this.
  • You also mentioned that a buyer should not worry about the number of orders in the queue, but you haven’t made any sales. You can easily skip this part and write something that adds value to your gig. For example list any references you might have.
  • Your category is “Articles & Blog Posts”, but maybe it should be under transcription or other.

Now, even if you fix all the mistakes it won’t guarantee that you’ll instantly get orders. I waited about 1,5 months before my first gig and even right now I’m barely 1st level seller. It takes a lot of time and effort 🙂

Good luck!

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