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"Am I Spamming?": The Shyster's Guide to Fiverr


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[title edited from f reelancer to shyster because why not and autocensorship]

Yes, you are.

If you are thinking this question as a dribble of thought emerges from your thought-hole, it may be spam. Sadly, outside of Hawaii, spam is held in low regard. I myself will eat it because I’m a writer, and writers are a bit weird in the main (I think I am normal, so jog on to the next feral poet who tries to flog a line of poetry for food or something–the spam will be a princely meal, though).

“But I’m not a spamming like the real spammers”

Yes you are. That you’re asking the question means more research is needed, and yes, probably. If you are a shameless bot with no morals and a broken receptor, then you’re just going to throw up a bunch of stuff.

“I throw up a bunch of stuff, too”

I noticed. See your doctor. You’re an MBA (Harvard) in SEO. Whatever. We know. You have a different problem, and I, personally, am going to rag on you. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. If you are a psychopath, please enter into public governance. If you are untalented, learn a talent or do an unskilled trade. If you have “issues”, seek help (or follow the example of the two candidates for President of the USA; aspiration is never bad). Don’t regurgitate your brain vomit on a small forum. That’s just… naw dawg.

“You’re mean”

Yeah well, you’re thick and easily offended. Which makes you a dullard and possibly a failure: feel free to prove me wrong. I would welcome that.

“Whatever will I do?”

Listen to your friends and family and common sense. Caveat: if you share a braincell (x1 cell, split across time and space) with them, ignore that. See a Dr. or a scientist–although careful, as some unscrupulous ones may harvest (in the loosest sense of the word) you. You do not want that.

“u no understand it bad”

Oh, stop. If you lie and cheat and everything because no-one will understand your “real” situation, then why are you surprised when you get nailed as a liar and a cheater, Nailed because you didn’t read something? Well, that’s on you too buddy. If a major shitty company in your country said “oh, we didn’t know that” when they broke a law and said “but we should be exempt, it’s not fair” would you accept it?

Yes? Of course. So be quiet and practice what you preach.

No? Liar, liar–you’re guilty of the same behavior in a majority of cases. But we just all know that you’d lie and scheme and avoid the punishment while being the white hot voice of fury over their transgressions.

In short: just get on with it and get successful, however that may turn out in your life. For a lot of people here, Fiverr is not that route. So move on and discover the good route. But for the love of God, stop being such a bunch of dribbling people.

Everything you can control is within you.

“The real problem is the real spammers”

Same thing. The “real spam” presently is annoying, but it’s automated. They’re probably making a fortune. You’re making, what? No sells? 😦 Just like your spam, it’ll be gone soon.

I’ve run out of Q&A. I will be happy to answer others, so long as they’re not spammy c.f. my discretion. If you choose to whine, I will make fun of you. So ask for a tip instead of bleating. Cheers.

I am also available for direct insults, but that will cost a premium of $100/5 minutes as I will assume that you’re some kind of pervert.

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Improve My Gig is the self-interested spam folder, pretty much. For example, do you help others to improve their gig?

Forum activity is also pretty low at the moment, due to the movie/music/whatever spam that is drowning out legitimate posts (whatever their quality).

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I was bored with the other forum posts so I created an imaginary conversation with spammers. Not one of my biggest hits, but still more interesting than the spammers.

The one I had in mind has lost his/her account though. Can’t imagine why…

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I wouldn’t necessarily call it spam, but it’s ridiculous and against the forum rules.

Why ridiculous? You get answers, just like you said. Here’s why:

A while back there were months when the forum was unmoderated. Bot spam was not happening at the time. Most users noticed that Tips for Sellers was at the top and got more notice. Some began to exploit it. More people exploited it. Then most people used it for everything. The end result was that all the regulars stopped responding to everything in Tips except controversy or humor. Tips had 4 posts for every 1 in Conversations or elsewhere. No one posted new tips. Tips for Sellers became useless trash.

What stopped it?

Moderators. Old admins returned and new mods came. They began to move posts out of tips. Today the ones moved already have some replies and there are still ones that slip by the small forum team. Even so, moderators spend at least 75% of their forum time deleting or moving posts. It’s inefficient, but Tips is usable.

If everyone posts in Tips without moderation, it would again become a mess, and right now it’s worse than usual because we are also helping with bot spam. So, when you post in tips, it may be deleted and if it is moved, someone too their time to do it instead of helping people or selling gigs. If it slips by, you successfully add to a problem.

Ridiculous. I have some other words for it too. The forum rules are genuinely there to help with origination and logical operation. Otherwise, we could combine all categories into one, let everyone advertise everywhere and let readers try to sort that mess out. If we did though, say goodbye to the forum

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Couldn’t agree more with you, Perhaps create a “Help for Sellers” forum or something, so that it gets attention and leaves Tips for sellers somewhat clean, However what i said above was just talking about possibilities, not actually going to do it. But that being said, i do really feel the urge to that at times because my posts in other/relevant forums do not get or attract any reply at all.

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It´s the 3 tiny numbers on the backside of your credit card, Verification all right, just not Computer.
It even has 2 acronyms, no wonder, considering the importance of credibility.
Card Validation Code (CVC) or Card Verification Value (CVV).

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