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What to do with your time when you have no gig orders


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A day with no gig orders, or a few small orders that take almost no time? Maybe no messages either. Instead of worrying about it, revel in it. You have a day off. Think of what you can do with that time!

  • review your gig descriptions & rewrite if necessary
  • see what your competitors are doing & make sure you’re still competitive
  • review your pricing and packages
  • make new gig images and/or videos
  • learn how to do something new & make a gig out of it
  • make your previous gig deliverables reusable to be able to deliver your future gigs faster
  • read forum tips, and freelancer articles
  • do housework, shower, eat, see friends, read a book, see a movie. Enjoy your hard Fiverr-earned dollars and come back tomorrow refreshed.
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That’s what you should do, no doubt.

This is how my day without gigs goes:

  • drink coffee
  • eat
  • lurk around on the forum - not for useful tips, purely for entertainment. Anything involving Emma’s input is usually a good read.
  • spy on my competitors to see how many orders they have
  • have another coffee & wonder if it’s too early for lunch
  • check back on the forum, etc.

You get the idea. I guiltily waste the day away and then hate myself afterwards 'cos I could have done so many useful things. Oh well.

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Had a day like that recently.
In the morning i serviced my gear and tools, then i did some repairs on my car. In the afternoon i built a custom kitchen table for a family member. In the evening i filled out some job applications for part time jobs that would suit my freelancing lifestyle.

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I’m currently pursuing my masters in computer applications, while acing a full time job, so that’s what my typical day sans Fiverr looks like. Work, assignments, study.

Fiverr is a welcome distraction from daily life.

When I get free time, I like to learn non-computer-related stuff like banking/ investment/ geopolitics. There’s so much content to consume, there is no time to get bored. Recently aquascaping caught my fancy, so I’m trying to make space in my schedule to build a fish tank. Something like this :

Disclaimer : Images are for representation purposes only.

Who doesn’t love a congregation of shrimps gathered to discuss grave issues like which algae tastes better and which country to invade next.

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I haven’t had a single free day since April, 2014 on Fiverr. A holiday means 4 or 5 articles. I had a “holiday” last Tuesday, when I went to a movie, The Accountant. But I don’t see this as work to be honest, writing is more like a hobby that I get paid for. I enjoy it, and if somehow work stops coming from Fiverr, I will write ebooks and self-publish them. That’s my Plan B.

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