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Pardon the dumb question, but


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Where can I find this “buyer request” on Fiverr?
Yup, I know, I sound like an idiot.
Strange thing is, I checked everywhere ( or at least I think I did), and even though I found a page
where you can post a request, where is the place where you can see the whole list?

It’s not that I really need to go there, I don’t have any requests at this moment, but since
a lot of people are complaining here that the buyer’s request is just becoming like spam paradise with sellers trying to promote their gig, I got a bit curious. 😛

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> Such a kindness!

How kind of you to say that, but I REALLY could not find the buyer’s
request, believe it or not, hahaha.
It was quite embarrassing since I’m the one who’s always saying
"do you own darn research and read everything on your own
blah-blah-blahblahblahblahblah.! 😛

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