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5 Tips For A Great Fiverr Experience - Tips For Buyers

Guest dacunha

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Guest dacunha

Fiverr.com is a freelance website where the jobs, known as ‘Gigs’ cost just $5. It’s amazing the range of jobs that that are available, the main categories are:

Graphics & Design
Video & Animation
Online Marketing
Writing & Translation
Programming & Tech
Music & Audio
Fun & Bizarre

I wanted to offer you 5 tips to a great Fiverr experience. After you’ve taken a look around and found a gig that you want to purchase make sure to follow these 5 tips as you check out and work with the seller:

Tip #1 – Check the seller’s stats and Feedback:

A fast way to do this is to check their Fiverr Level:

  • Level 1 sellers have been active on the site for 30 days and completed at least 10 orders while maintaining excellent ratings and a great track record.

  • Level 2 sellers have made over 50 orders in the past two months while maintaining excellent ratings and a solid track record.

  • Top Rated Sellers are manually chosen by Fiverr editors. Promotion is based on criteria including: seniority, volume of sales, extremely high rating, exceptional customer care and community leadership.

Est. Delivery is an estimate of when you will get the results of the gig, many sellers will offer an expedited version for a little more money

  • Fiverr Gig rating is based off of user feedback, most Fiverr sellers are very protective of their user rating so you won’t see a lot that are low. Scrolling down and reading the feedback that led to this score is going to be more telling than the numbers themselves. Be aware that fake positive feedback is always a possibility with any kind of site that uses customer reviews, but you should also be aware that fake negative reviews aren’t unheard of either. I understand Fiverr Customer Service does a good job dealing with these but you can’t catch everything so look out for anything that looks too fishy either way.

  • Orders in queue tell you how many people are ahead of you in line, a large number could mean a reduced chance of getting your gig completed early but it’s also a good sign that people like the product.

  • You can also click their user name and see when the last time they were on Fiverr was, if it’s been a while you might want to look elsewhere.

Tip #2 – Carefully read the Gig details

I know that you have been thinking to yourself – “I really wish I could find someone to juggle a chainsaw and yell out my slogan”. I think you’re weird, but it turns out Fiverr can help you out, your search is going to turn up Mr. Marcus, but you need to read the Gig title and and description very carefully so you know what you are buying and what is an extra. Also, how would you know how professional the chainsaw juggling it is, if you didn’t read it in the description?!?

Tip #3 – Check the Samples

If you like the sample style, that’s your best indicator that you’ll like the style of your Gig. Getting good at a particular style is one way that these sellers can turn jobs over so quickly and at such a great price.

If a seller you are interested in doesn’t have samples, then make use of the ‘Contact Seller’ link right under the Buy Now button and ask to see some.

Tip #4 – Put extra effort into answering all the seller’s questions

When you purchase a Gig you are going to need to work with your seller so they know what you want, it’s your job to go over and above in answering any questions they have. Let me repeat this – they are working for $5 (less since Fiverr has to get paid too) and that means you need to give them all the information they ask for and then go a step beyond! Answer every question they ask you in detail, link to things you like, explain why, link to things you don’t like, explain why. I’m not saying write an essay or to micromanage, but if you want someone to do quality work for you for $5 then you have to put some time and effort into it too.

Tip #5 – If it’s not quite right – let the seller know

Sellers do not want that negative feedback and they do want happy return customers so if you didn’t get exactly what you wanted then go back and re-try tip 4 and let the seller know what’s wrong and give them a chance to fix it before you leave any negative feedback.

I hope these tips were helpful, and I’d love you to leave your own in the comments below!

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just ordered my first gig - logo design. offer stated: “i will create for you an awesome logo for your business”. I checked her samples, which were only 2 but 1 caught my eye so i ordered.

10 minutes later came another offer for $10 More because as she said “it would take her some time”.

Mind you, I just gave her the name of the business and told her which one of hers i like the style of, nothing more, no special requests or anything…

i responded, im new to this fiverr site, and asked is this how it works with all the sellers? And, what does the $6 already paid get me?

10 minutes later, she sends another offer “special, only for you: $5 more”?

WT heck is going on?

I wrote back, if she doesn’t want to do the gig, i would understand and look for another seller. but if she can just provide the logo as already ordered per her offer, then if it was Awesome like the offer says, i would gladly tip her the $10 extra?

can anybody tell me - is this the norm or a scammer seller?



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His activity is not normal. If you are dissatisfied with what he is offering, ask him to give you a refund.
If he declines, report him to customer service.

Seems like he is trying to bully you to get more $$ out of this gig.

Keep us posted, but do not post his id here on the forums.

Also, I am a bit curious as you have had this account since 2012, but yet stating this is your first purchase?

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Wow, your story sounds awfully familiar. Same thing happened to me with a Buyer’s Request Seller I hired. She kept asking me what my budget was and I kept telling her I already paid.

I told her I wanted exactly what I requested on B.R. and nothing more. She said she needed more money. She delivered what she referred to as a “dummy document” for me to accept and then sent me two custom offers.

One of the reasons why I never do more than $10 with someone that I have never worked with. I’ve done orders up to $80 - multiple times, but only on third order and up, never on the first or second.

To answer your question, “NO!” I have done many transactions on Fiverr with numerous sellers and that is not typical. Only one seller has ever done a bait and switch - try to get more money.

Long as you read the descriptions carefully and order the right gig - example, don’t order a 2D logo, change your mind and ask for the 3D - not fair to the seller.

If the seller offered 2D & 3D for one set price then ask for more money - nope, like @djgodknows said above, contact C.S.

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To the buyers who have commented above regarding sellers asking for extra money. If what you asked for is what the seller offers in the gig then they shouldn’t be asking for more. The fact that an order may “take time and effort” is not a reason for asking for more. What they offer should be clearly laid out in the gig description. If you have asked for more than that then they should explain why and what they will do for the price paid.

However, if you scrape the bottom of the barrel, expect crap. If you are going for the cheapest seller in the hope of having an outstanding experience, I suggest you try find your way back to reality. It doesn’t work like that - here, other sites, anywhere.
I’ve bought over 100 times here - I don’t go for the cheapest seller, I get what I need done.

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