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Things to keep in mind when you are a new seller (updated version)


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So here’s my slightly updated version of of how to get a step closer to being successful.
I’ll be as honest and clear as possible. Hopefully this will help some people.

  1. Be aware that Fiverr is NOT an easy way to make money. It’s not the lottery.
    Even though the starting price is $5, it’s still a job.
    If you are thinking that Fiverr is a fun, easy, fast way to make extra money, think twice.

Always be professional.

If you do not know what “professional” means in this case,
I’m afraid you are not ready to work here.
If you really want to know what it means, go out and learn. YES, YOU NEED TO DO THAT.
If you are not willing to put in that extra time, sorry, you will not be successful.
Do not expect people to spoon-feed you the information!!!

  1. TAKE YOUR TIME to set up your gigs.
    It’s pretty darn easy to tell whether people spent less than an hour to create their gigs.

I spent a pretty good amount of time creating my sample images when I first started.
When I decided to join Fiverr, I spent HOURS doing research.
I looked and read through hundreds of other seller’s gigs/descriptions/sample images,
and did my best to make mine BETTER, or at least bring it to the same level of quality.
If your gig is not selling, ask yourself:
Is your gig the SAME level of quality as those popular/featured sellers?

  1. Be aware that there are over 2 million gigs here.
    There are soooooo many gigs here, it is hard to be noticed especially
    if you are new.
    It doesn’t mean you have to give up though.
    You just need to be sure that you are good at what you do.
    After all, we do read tons of “I got my first order within several days!” posts here, and they
    get their first orders quickly for a reason.

  2. Promote.
    This I won’t get into the details. Read through the forum please.
    If you can’t find your answer at the forum ( after all, it is a lot to read),
    go online and search for ways to promote your online business.
    Again, if you are not willing to put in that extra time, well, what the heck.

  3. Be patient. ( I don’t think I’ll need to explain this one either)

  4. Accept the sad fact.
    I have seen gigs which I personally thought was a good idea,
    but for whatever reason, the gig was not getting any orders.
    The sample images were good, the description was good,
    I thought they were unique. But no sales.
    Why? Maybe, just maybe, your gig is simply NOT IN DEMAND.
    Even though you thought it was a good idea,
    others did not think so.

You don’t have to delete that gig, you can try tweaking it,
but you might want to think about creating different gigs too.

One more thing:
Maybe you are simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH. And you are not aware of that.

Sorry to sound harsh, but that’s reality. I’ve seen a lot of gigs (for example logo gigs),
and even though the sellers claim to have so-and so-years of experience, the samples
look pretty…unimpressive. I’m sorry, but I guess some people are just not there yet.

If that’s the case, the only think you can do is improve your skills.
Don’t use Fiverr as a way to improve though.
Improve first, and then come back. I think you’ll do better that way.
Fiverr is a good way to expand your portfolio,
but DO NOT use it as a practice ground.

BTW when I say “not good enough,”
this does include the English grammar in my opinion.
I have seen gigs with good quality, but the sellers were having a hard time
due to the lack of English skills.
Even for something like logo design gigs,
you will need to know a decent amount of English
in order to prevent communication problems which might lead to a bad rating.
I am aware that not everybody is a native level English speaker,
but the majority of the buyers are from English speaking countries I believe.
If you want sales, you will need to know English.
If you don’t have the skill, ask/hire someone to handle the English part for you.
Be sure you can trust that person’s level though!
If you are not able to find or hire a person that can help you with your English,
you might have problems.

A while ago there was a seller asking for help here, and with all due respect, his English
was pretty poor. Several people told him that he really needs to work on his English, if not hire
someone to help him, but his response was always something like “I’m doing logo gig, not writing gig. Why I need English?”

Well, if you are not willing to take that extra step ( or pay and hire someone to help you) to communicate clearly with your sellers, that shows how NOT serious you are.

Having that said, IF your gigs are REALLY good, I’m sure a good number of people
are willing to ignore the English part. So be sure those gigs are really good.


Do not steal other people’s images,description, etc.
I have seen many new seller’s lies getting exposed here at the forum,
since so many of them created a gig by using other people’s image/description,
and to my shock they had the nerve to wonder why they were not getting sales,
and they will come to the forum for help.
When you steal someone’s gig, in most cases it will be noticed right away.
You will be labeled as a liar, and will be VERY hard to gain back that trust.

  1. Be aware that you are NOT going to get sales all the time.
    It’s not just Fiverr, it happens all the time in any type of business. One month you might get
    bombarded with orders, the next month might dry up. That’s just how it is.
    Keep improving your skills and prepare for the next flood of orders.

Last thing. Do NOT


DO NOT send me a “I read your post help me/review my gig” message in my inbox.
Do everything by yourself first. READ EVERYTHING. DO RESEARCH. If you are too lazy to do that you can at least pay for a gig that edits/reviews your gig here at Fiverr.

And yes, you need to go look for that gig yourself.

Even the most successful sellers started from nothing. I too spent a long time setting up my gig, and I did not beg for help. I expect people to do the same, at least to a certain point.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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Well, yup, I did get a message saying "I read your post please help me,"
Surprisingly I got only one, so it’s not that bad I guess.
It’s not that I don’t help people ( and I have helped people who has messaged me in the
past), but I am not willing to help people who has not tried putting in the effort themselves first.

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BTW the person who sent me the spam message had a writing gig ( but her
English was quite poor unfortunately) and a logo gig with images taken from another site.
Wow, seriously… I guess the part where I wrote “when you steal someone’s gig, in most cases it will be noticed right away” did not get her attention at all. Sigh~~~~~.

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Hmmmmm, sorry, I’ll be honest here,
I’m not really sure what “keeeed” is, I’m assuming you were jokingly trying to say “kidding” or “need” or…something else?? I’m not trying to be sarcastic or anything, I really am not sure what your message is supposed to mean.
I am guessing it’s “kidding.” Sorry if I’m wrong! 😛

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Someone is using bots to overload forum servers. Not sure what’s happening on the backend of the main site, but I am seeing intermittent issues.

Basically, spammers/hackers are testing Fiverr vulnerabilities.

And since the forum is currently under maintenance there are some holes atm.

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