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Fiverr customer support is getting more interesting than ever


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Hey Fiverr community!

I have recently got a huge satisfaction with Customer support and they are getting well than every also they are getting more quickly! I’m very happy with them at the moment and I hope they will give us a great experience than ever to build a great marketplace for everyone in the future as like this also!

I highly recommend any seller or buyer to contact them with any issue on Fiverr and they will surely do there best for you! 🙂

Thank you!

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@emmaki was just joking with you. When you get to know the forum regulars, it will be easier to follow. Don’t worry, you have done fine. The forum gets a lot of complaints about all kinds of things, so that is why @emmaki was teasing you gently for saying something positive.

In reality, it is great that you have had good experiences with CS. I usually do too! Thanks for posting. 🙂

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Customer Support is strong and polite in the face of such things as:

*getting multiple messages on the same thing from the same person
*many who write to them may not communicate in an easy to decipher way
*some who write to them may be very angry or upset
*probably get unlimited requests or questions about why gigs don’t rank better
*disputes between buyers and sellers where it may not be obvious who is right or wrong
*numerous variety of problems where the solution may not be found, or may be due to
user stupidity

It takes a calm patient person to handle a thankless job.

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