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Buyers Should Try and be Considerate to Sellers


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Hi everyone. I’m Daniel and I am fairly new here (2 months). My I have been wondering if buyers are aware that sellers have to surrender 20% of their earnings to Fiverr. Here’s why.

So my gigs mostly revolve around mobile phone network unlocking and things like that.

Now there is this guy, a buyer, who has bought my gig twice - to unlock 2 iPhone 4s (on two separate occasions) now we agreed on a $10 unlock fee per phone and indeed I was able to deliver. He was happy with my service and gave me 5-star reviews. A Week later he comes back saying he has 100 more phones (all locked to AT&T and out of contract without prejudice, like the first ones) but this time he will pay $3 per phone. Can you believe that? Three Dollars!!

To be clear it’s not like I unlock these phones out of thin air. I believe that’s what even suggests the limited phone unlocking gigs on Fiverr. I have specialized servers that I pay to have these phones unlocked, and if for instance, I had to to pay them $100 dollars to unlock those phones and the buyer in turn pays me $300, I’ll have to deduct how much Fiverr’s gonna get as commission (20% of $300), deduct my cost of unlocking the phones, deduct the charges Payoneer is gonna get per withdrawal, etc. I asked him how much he thinks is gonna be left for me? He apologized and suggested he could always pay me using other means but I just cut him short that that’s never gonna work cuz I made Level 1 seller barely a month and half after I got here and I wanna make TRS by December and nothing’s gonna stop that, not even violating Fiverr’s ToS for extra profits. I asked him to think about it. He thanked me and said he’ll get back to me in a few days. I thanked him too for considering me in the first place. So, this is my story.

Now what’s your opinion? Do you think some buyers are fair with us? And how can we manage that?


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TRS by December? That’s incredibly unlikely, lower your standards or face disappointments.

I don’t think the buyer was being that inconsiderate. The project went well, he wanted a bulk discount, you didn’t like his prices, he offered another way, you said no and you parted your ways. I would have said nope and offered him my regular price with a small discount chucked on top, although I wonder why he needs so many numbers done.

99% of buyers are fine, like this guy (mostly). It’s the 1% with Hitler DNA you have to watch out for. Luckily, they have a pretty obvious demeanor. You don’t manage them, you get rid of them ASAP.

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