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Power Seller Status or Power Gig [ARCHIVED]

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It seems to me fiverr is a little bias towards certain categorys of sellers.

I understand fiverr wants to promote out of the box, and non generic

sellers and gigs. But you guys totally screw us POWER SELLERS out of

extra features because we are not super ODD and Weird.

And example of this is someone who dances around in there spandex

and automatically gets promoted to top rated seller status within

days of joining.

then you got us power sellers who basically generate most of the revenue

behind the scenes for you guys, yet you keep us at level 2 with some

decent features but not enough to take our revenue to a new level.

I see some people on here with hundreds of orders in cue, those people

should be top rated sellers for the reason they are processing so many

bloody orders.

Anyhow to my suggestion, I would recommend a POWER SELLER status

for certain sellers that always have tons of orders in cue, and also instead of

just having 1 title, have a little box of awards given to the seller.

Also have a recommend feature for buyers. Because I offer amazing support

but other than pleasing my customers, they cant really say anything to you


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