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4$ in the account

Guest telewizorek

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You are absolutely right! I thought it would work on an open order to generate a custom offer for an extra $4 but it’s not possible. Thanks for pointing that out. Apologies for the wrong information.

How is that even possible a $4 refund is just strange. Op might have a typo and meant to say $5.

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That’s not correct. There is no tax. When a buyer purchases a $5 gig, they pay a $1 processing fee. If the gig is cancelled, the buyer gets back the $5. They don’t need the processing fee back because it will be used again to pay for their next $5 gig. (Fiverr applies the processing fee for the buyer, they don’t see it back in their account.)

A buyer cannot receive a refund of $4, it is not possible. Either the buyer in this case is mistaken about getting a refund, is mistaken about the amount or has some other oddity going on.

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Hello telewizorek

Yes you are correct. I heard of this couple of times. When you buy a 5$ gig you will charge a processing fee of 1$. If the seller or you cancel the order You will get only 4$ back in your account. I don’t now the reason but seems like this is happening to every buyer with a order cancellation. That is not fair actually. But that is the way how things going on here.

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@designeranu and @telewizorek: This is still not correct. A gig that costs $5 has a processing fee of $1 - that part is accurate. That makes $6 total. If you get a refund, you get $5 back, not $4. The processing fee is retained but is still yours to use. When you buy another gig with your $5 refund, you will not be charged a processing fee because yours is still good.

With your theory of $5 plus $1 processing fee, if the buyer were to get back $4 there is a dollar missing. Fiverr doesn’t just take away a dollar for no reason. A refund on a $5 gig plus $1 processing fee is $5, period. If there was some kind of glitch, Customer Support could resolve it, but I’ve never heard of someone losing an extra dollar on a refund.

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This is strange. I can’t confirm or deny this one because tips are a little weird. I have tried to tip someone less than $5 and couldn’t do it, and I also couldn’t tip anything between $6-9. I assumed that meant that all tips were in increments of $5. I don’t think the tip system is well documented and I don’t have any info from staff on this right now, so perhaps this would explain an odd numbered refund. I’d be surprised, but not that much. 🙂

Edit: I found some documentation, and it’s clear about $5 minimum, but not as clear as I’d like on the rest. Here is a quote:

“The minimum amount is $5.
For orders below $25, the tip can be up to $25.
For orders above $25, the tip can be up to 100% of the price of the order.”

To me, that does sound like they intend to go with $5 increments but it really doesn’t state it outright unless it’s somewhere else in the article. Here is a link:


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That’s interesting. I’ve only gotten them in $5 increments (4 after tip commission.) I’ve only tested it as a buyer twice, though, and one was under $5 to see if it could be done (which it couldn’t) and the other was an attempt at something between 5-10 and that didn’t work either at the time. I tried again to leave a $4 tip on a purchase I made this morning and it was rejected. I wanted to try the higher one again, but I’ve been spend-happy lately and didn’t have enough cleared.

I still don’t see how the buyer could have gotten a $4 refund. If they allow tips to be in other increments at higher prices, maybe they could have bought a $10 gig and made a tip of some odd amount, but then the refund would still be more than $5 even after processing fee.

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So then what is the solution? I tried to purchase a Gig for $30, with $25 in account. The system was attempting to charge PayPal a total of $31.xx. When it should have been $6.xx

This is really screwed up. Do we need to file mass PayPal complaints, stop using the service, send in mass complaints to get them to change their outdated, and primitive billing methods?

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That is NOT true. I got $25 back which did not include the extra $1.xx processing fee. Now I am trying to get another gig and it wants to charge yet another processing fee. This makes me feel screwed, and not wan to use this site.

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@misscrystal: The tip of $9, $19 makes perfect sense as I have done it myself. When I leave a tip after the delivery and review, it is considered a separate transaction; therefore, there is another $1.00 in processing fee. By leaving a tip of $9, $14 or $19 means the buyer is charged $10, $15 or $20.

I’m not sure what to make of the $12 tip unless the buyer is trying to close out her business transactions. I close out my spreadsheet on a quarterly basis for my business transactions. To make it easier for me - and because I have a quarterly budget, I try to round out or up to a set amount. It just makes it easier for me.

@fonthaunt: Fiverr system seems to be set at the 20% tip for purchases over $25. When I purchased a $40 gig, it’s minimum recommendation for the tip is $8.00; although, I have the ability to custom tip as low as $5 - but like you said, it won’t accept anything smaller. It also lets me tip up to the max amount of the gig, in this case, $40.00.

Just as you quoted above, when I purchase something $25 and below, the automatic recommendation is $5.

The system does allow me to tip anywhere between $5 and up in any increments. It does not have to be in $5 increments of $10, $15, $20, etc. I have given a gratuity of $18.00 before to a seller so that my close out for the quarter could be an even number.

The processing fees really messed up my accounting. I wish more of my regular sellers would have a tip/gratuity extra to their gigs. It would actually save me money when I am able to tip my regular sellers in advance.

** Which leads me to ask a question, why don’t more of you sellers have a
~ tip extra ~ on your gig page? **


@tcreek: While I am at it, to answer your question, if you are still reading the forum, this is how the refunds work on Fiverr.

[a] Purchase $25 gig, pay $26.25 (minimum $1 or 5%, whichever is higher: $25 x 5% = $1.25)

[b-1] Canx gig, you get a refund. You only get back the price of the gig which is $25.00 - in credit.

[b-2] Why don’t you get the processing fee back? Well, when you make another purchase using your credit balance there is no processing fee, as you have already paid.

[c-1] Now you have $25.00 in credit. How do you spend it?

[c-2] You must buy anything $25 or less. As an example:

=*= Buy a $10 gig and a $15 gig - there will NOT be a transaction/processing fee for either one. OR

=*= Buy a $20 gig and a $5 gig - there will NOT be a transaction/processing fee for either one of these.

~~ There is no processing fee because you already paid it once and that would be a duplicate charge. ~~

[c-3] If you try to buy a $30 gig, Fiverr system will NOT put the $25 credit toward your purchase and charge you for the rest. Reason?

=*= You paid $1.25 in processing fee with $25

=*= A $30 gig has a processing fee of $1.5

[d-1] Technically, that is $31.50 - $26.25 = $5.25.

[e-1] If they were to credit you this is how it would work:

$30 - $25 = $5 (*$1 processing fee); you pay $6 vice $5.25.

  • As you recall, earlier I said you pay a minimum of $1 processing fee.

I do not believe the system is set up to calculate a complex system of processing fee difference. If the above made any sense to you, there is a method to their madness.

I had the same question you did the first time I tried to buy a $10 gig with my $5 credit.

I also wondered why they didn’t just credit me the processing fee. I still haven’t figured out the answer to that one.

Hopefully, I answered some of your questions.

Good night & take care/Gina

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