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Was I Conned? Turns out, I Was


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I commissioned a bookcover and paid $25.00. Waited 3 days, and received a 0 byte text file from the designer who stated my job was ready for review. I truly like to believe the best of people, and figured I had done something wrong. I opened various browsers, but the file stayed the same (a 0 byte text file). I contacted the designer who responded within the hour…she said that there was an error during the upload and that she would upload again when she was near a computer. Ten hour later and, despite the fact that she was online, I received nothing. Still hoping for the best, I decided to do a bit of research. I looked up the authors of the gorgeous covers, the designer claimed to have designed. And did a search for their bookcover artists. Turns out, a very well known bookcover designer designed those beautiful covers. I contacted this well known designer, part of me still hoped they would tell me that they were secretly designing here on fiverr. Unfortunately, they were mortified to discover that someone had taken their art and passed if off as their own.

This is my first time using fiverr. And despite my very negative experience, I believe that this is a case of a bad apple trying to ruin a whole bunch. Fiverr has responded to my support mail quickly and politely. I have faith that things will be resolved in my favor (I’ll get a refund). Moving forward, if I decide to use a fiverr designer again, I’ll do a lot more research first, and see what sort of google trail the designer has.

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Sorry to hear of your bad first experience here.
If you browse the forum a bit, you´ll see that there are some rotten apples on both sides of the fence, but there´s a lot of really great folk here too, you´ll certainly have more luck next time.
Also you´ll be able to see the tell-tale signs better or faster soon, I´ve learned quite a few rather interesting things already, and am still new here myself too.
Tip if you ever look for a translator - don´t take one who can translate into all languages in 24 hours. 😉

And good attitude!

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