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Managing Your Customer’s Expectation Is So Important


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Hi Everyone,

As my first post on the Fiverr forum I want to make a point about an issue which is overlooked in almost all sales which take place and that is ‘managing your customer’s expectation’.

A little about myself – I have been involved with growing Instagram accounts as a hobby for many years and recently decided to make a leap onto Fiverr in the hope that I would make something of it. In all honesty I haven’t done too bad as its only taken me a couple of months to gain the level #1 seller mark (not sure whether this is good or not).

Moving on…

One of the biggest mistakes I see by Fiverr sellers time and time again is that sellers offer a large amount of work at very little cost ($5) and give false expectations which inevitably leads to a late delivery or poorly completed work which then leads on to a bad review. I have no issues with a lost cost gig, just be prepared to invest the time and quality!

I’m not bragging here but I don’t have any bad reviews and that’s because the work I offer is honest, but more importantly I manage the customer’s expectation prior to purchase and/or prior to delivery of the work.

There are 2 fundamental ways to manage your customer’s expectation and they are:

  1. Provide as much detail as you can in your gig description about the way you do your work, your experience level, the software or platforms you use and what you would typically expect to achieve in the end.

  2. When you receive an order you should engage with the customer and discuss what they are expecting from you and keep regular contact prior to delivery. This way any issues can be sorted before the gig is delivered resulting in a happy customer.

As a side note there is one other thing that can be done to help with customer expectations which I find myself doing and works well and that is to go above and beyond what is expected from you. For example, in a custom gig I may offer to promote an Instagram account up until they have increased by 100 followers, but I will actually work up to 110 followers and deliver at that point. This will give your customer a reason to buy from you again.

I wanted to keep this short as it’s my first post on the Fiverr forum. I have a lot of experience with Instagram marketing and lots to tell so I am hoping to post something weekly which you can hopefully learn from or take away and use in your own ventures on Fiverr.

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Guest thevideostore

Hehe , yes , she may get spammed.

Question for you Photoswatch.
What do YOU think you should do with those clients who order from you and expect to get something completely different… and it’s totally their mistake of not reading or setting their own false expectations?

Ultimately they can leave a bad review thinking they were going to order 100 followers and somehow they maybe thought those followers would gradually increase on their own… and so when they don’t… you get a bad rating. Just one very real example.

How do you think you will handle that order/clients when the time comes?

Will you attempt to refund them?
Will you (try) to stick your ground?
Will you fight the negative review with them? Or Fiverr Support?
Will you attempt to re-structure your gig / ordering process?

Bottom line is , you can only set their expectations up so much. It’s up to them to make sure they are intelligent enough to make proper decisions… As their decision could ultimately effects your seller rating here and there is NOTHING you can do about it in MANY cases.

This is a very real issue. And before sinking all your eggs into fiverr’s basket ,be prepared to deal with the most ridiculous people you can ever hope to do business with… and a less than helpful support team to help in those situations.
My best advice is … if you have 4 questions for support… ask them in separate tickets… they only address one question per ticket… It’s the strangest behavior just be prepared for this if you type very detailed support tickets. It works against you… And they switch support agents on your ticket almost every day , which means that new person didnt read you whole ticket and thus will end up replying to you with something another member in the staff already told you earlier in that ticket. (Canned responses).

As far as setting your buyer’s expectations…
Your gig intro video is the best way to do that.
Then the first few lines of your gig description.
Lastly , telling them to NOT ORDER until they contact you is another safety net. This is where you can ask them more about what they want and explain exactly what you can do. This is where the highest $$ orders come through and the best ratings/reviews…

You will still get those people who order and complain that they wanted something else completely different. In most cases they will be allowed to leave a bad review on your account and hurt your gig rankings for several days to indefinitely. Just prepare for that 🙂

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