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Be awere of Gig **********


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Hello, i just want you all to know that ********** can’t deliver on time and he always has an excuse of not finish the order.
He promised me that he would deliver in 2 weeks but in fact i had waited more than 2 months. Yes, 2 months.
Yesterday i needed the video very hard for our convention and i still got nothing.
I asked 2 weeks ago to finally finish my video for 09/10 but the audio isn’t still sync with the animation and i can’t play a movie with a bad sync on a convention.
he told me that it was sync on his computer but i played it on 15 different computers and 2 televisions and the audio wasn’t still sync.
so he was not honest to me.

I wanted my money back but he refused.

see attachment for the whole conversation with ****** or *******

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