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What happens if I get no feedback?


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I was just wondering; what happens if your customer does not leave either positive or negative feedback on your gig? I had this one customer who bought my gig 'bout a day ago - he sent me a personal message saying “Thank you, awesome job!!!” or something like that AND he even tipped me 5$ because he thought it was simply excellent work! - This made my day of course, but I think my customer was quite new as a buyer and might not know how or why he should rate positive/negative.

  • This does not bother me, and I don’t wan’t to force him to rate positive or anything, that is of course his own choose, especially after being so generous. But I really want to become a level one seller, so I can be able to put extra gigs and provide more services for my customers.

    I’ve soon been member on fiverr for a week and already made 5 sales, yet only one left me any kind of feedback as “positive” whilst the others just wrote “Thank you so much!” or something like that. Will I still be able to become a level one member, even though they don’t leave any feedback?
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Guest nyc_best

Hello dear,

You have to start telling your buyers to leave a positive feedback. 75% of buyers don’t always look back to drop a feedback, especially when they are satisfied with your service. But if they are not satisfied, they will definitely drop a negative feedback.

You need to request for the positive feedback or even attach a free gift to it or else they won’t drop any feedback. You are the one that considers it important to you. It does them no good at all.

Trust me, you need positive reviews to attain high level and ratings. So you have remind them in a very friendly manner, or just entice them to leave the feedback.

Here is a message I always send to my customers after I deliver their order—

“As a very esteemed customer, I will so much appreciate you leaving a great positive feedback on this order, so as to help grow my gig. Don’t forget that you are also entitled to a very fantastic bonus from me when you leave a positive feedback. Thank you so much my lovely customer :)”.

This really works well for me. You should start doing something of sort, and you’ll see it works.

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