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Answer: Another Great Tip


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No.1 Entrepreneur mind set you must have is to know who your audience is.

It gets easier if you know who your target audience is.

i.e. Some of you asked me privately lately

Q. Why is my gig not selling???

I looked up his gig and believe me I am not a great sales person either, I am learning and growing everyday myself - but I knew right away. His gig did not have a specific target audience. f.e. I will do creative writing.

I would ask - what creative? how creative?

I suggest it to be more like…

“I will write you a business proposal.”
“I will write your college essays.”
“I will write creative blog postings.”

Because when you know who to target - it gets easier for you how you should market your gig.

Let’s not try to get 100 million views…when we are just level 1 or 2 sellers.
We can start by impressing small, narrowed group first.

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There’s many reason gig gets no sells but mostly this are the following reasons-
1.Gig title & description are copied from other sellers without adding any personal touch or creativity! They just copied other related gig description & paste it on their gig.
2.Gig image are taken from Google or copied from others without any personal touch,also most of those images doesnt say anything about their & what they are selling.
3.Video,even though Fiverr said adding video boost your ranking but most of use neglect to add on the gig.

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