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The New Fiverr V2 - Full of BUGS


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Hello fellas, I started using the New Fiverr V2 a few hours ago, and I have discovered a couple of bugs in the system.

#1- I noticed my gig is not editable for me any longer. Each time I try to save a new edit on my gig, I get an error message that some illegal characters are used in the title of the gig, whereas there are only letters and numbers there.

#2- I also discovered that gigs are no longer rotating in search results any more. When you search for a particular keyword several times over time, you will keep getting the same gigs in results. This is NOT suitable to me as a seller because my gig is hardly getting any views in the V2 system because of this bug.

These are the only 2 issues I have discovered for now, and I hope they are not more than these.

I hereby call on the Fiverr Customer care to look into these issues and resolve them fast before it starts affecting sellers negatively, OR just suspend the V2 for now and debug it first before launching it for general use.


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