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Just for fun gigs: Are they Really Worth It?


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I know that sellers roll their eyes when it comes to new sellers asking what kinds of gigs they should create. However, are there any active sellers on the forum who offer a real just for fun service which couldn’t be categorized as a spooky service such as spell casting or psychic readings?

I have been looking at the fun and bizarre side of Fiverr, as to be honest, why actually work on Fiverr in the form of spending a day typing or animating when you could be sending glitter bombs to people in the post?

The only problem is that I can’t see any trends in regard to what works and what doesn’t. My own idea, in this case, is to start offering something altogether different like Spontaneous Human Combustion life insurance or risque pictures of my dog partially n u d e but wearing some kind of S&M get up.

Do you think something like that would work? Both would take a while to set up you see. So, has anyone ever made it big with a just for fun gig?

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>risque pictures of my dog partially n u d e but wearing some kind of S&M get up
If you ever create a gig like that, I’d be the first one to buy it, HAHAHA.

(BTW I once thought of creating a gig with my cats, but once I realized my cats had
no intention of working with me, I gave up)

OK, so what works/not works at Fiverr, I have NO idea!
What I can say is that when I first started out here, I saw some strange gigs here and there
which REALLY made me think who the heck is gonna buy that?
…and several years later I bought a gig of a hairy dude dancing in tight spandex
to a happy birthday song, I gave it to a friend, and daaaaang he loved it!!!

Some gigs do take some time to set up and it might make you think, hmm, is it
worth it, but after working on the gigs a few times, you start to find ways of offering the
same service, but spend way less time.

I guess the bottom line is we never know until we try it, and creating a gig itself doesn’t
take long, so just give it a try. Not sure if you’ll make it big, but if you can buy Starbucks coffee with the gig money, it works for me! 😃

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I was gifted with a gig sold by a TRS who wore a garbage sack and had crazy hair with tin foil in it. It was great. As far as I know, he got TRS with a collection of all fun gigs. He still seems to have a serious setup with a nice camera and all, so it must be work.

To me it still looks less painful than cranking out type. I’ve thought about adding some “fun” gigs and will probably try it. Seems like there would be potential for getting high ranking due to the uniqueness factor.

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Psychics? Just for fun? This is very serious important business!

Honestly though we are told to tell customers it is for “entertainment purposes only” but I am pretty blunt and straightforward with my readings. Readings are fun to perform, but I take my readings very seriously, hence the warning description I put on all of my gigs.

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Sorry, I always assumed that spooky services were in the fun and bizarre category. Then again, shouldn’t you have known that already? 🙂

Don’t worry, I’m well aware of the serious of such matters. In fact, I even have my own spider sense or something a little like it.

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I had a gig where I offered to hang a “love lock” with a personal message on the Cologne bridge and provide a picture as evidence. It was popular around Christmas and Valentine’s Day. It was easy money as I charged $10 to do it and the cost of the lock. Getting to the bridge was not the problem but parking was not great and I didn’t want to pay for it. So I would always illegally park and run up to the bridge, hang the lock, take a picture and make a mad dash back to the car with the hope that I didn’t get a parking ticket.

I also extended the delivery time to about 10 days so that I could do several orders at once.

I have since turned the gig off. Plus the supplier on Amazon stopped selling the locks I used. I think I was their only customer.

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