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How to increase sells?


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Admin Note: This content was stolen from other sources and has been posted repeatedly. This user has been restricted on the forum and reported to Fiverr Trust and Safety. Thank you to those who pointed out the problems.] I have had good success on Fiverr.com as a second source of income. I can not say that I am rich but I do know how to network to gain and or maintain clients. One of the questions I get often is “how to get buyers or the first sell?”

Tip 1. When you set up your fiverr profile mentioned related to*** [most of this plagiarized content has been removed - just enough left for example to Fiverr Trust and Safety] ***have been $30, $25, $5 and even $60. Just something to think about. It’s all in the gig extras!

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my Fiverr tip article. I look forward to working with many of you and thank you to those who have already connected with me and have become clients and business partners.


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OMG its you again.

you have copied those tips from elsewhere and once again added your junk to them.

Not only that but you have posted from this account that has no gigs and linked to this other one here at the foot of the post. fiverr.com/alasbahi/write-your-name-or-your-company-name-in-arabic-calligraphy

are you completely stupid or is it a special offer for today only. you have linked two different accounts together on one post. Why not just send support a message asking them to ban you.

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Aside from the fact that the mere purpose of “your post” (actually you stole it) is to spam at the very end, you are a good example for the blind who is trying to lead the blind, as you didn’t have made any sale yet. Yes, SALE not SELL. Get a dictionary or get started by reading @fastcopywriters comment.

Just by skimming over your tips I have to laugh at #3. Quote "When delivering your gigs to the buyers always mention that you aim to please and that you want them to be satisfied."
The buyer expect this without that it has to be mentioned. It’s common sense and this tip is the same like telling somebody not to forget to breathe in and out.

And b.t.w. your spam has already been reported.

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