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Create gigs in multiple subcategories to see more Buyer’s Requests


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This is a very simple tip, but I think it’s something that’s easy for new sellers to overlook. New sellers are often frustrated with lack of success in Buyer’s Requests, but as many have noted, you’re not going to get orders unless you write thoughtful offers. It’s also important to make the best possible use of gig categories and subcategories.

You’ll only see Buyer’s Requests in the categories for which you have gigs. That means that if you create a broadly titled gig called something like “I’ll write 500 words of anything you need” (an early mistake of mine!) and categorize it as a creative writing gig, you’ll only see creative writing requests in Buyer’s Requests…even if you’d also like to write articles and blog posts.

Instead, create one gig for creative writing, and another for Articles & Blog posts, and you’ll see both types of requests…including those that buyers may have categorized incorrectly (which happens a lot!). If your gigs get to the point where they are showing up in search results, this will help you there, too. Make gigs in as many categories as is reasonable (while still within your skill set), and name and categorize them carefully.

One more tip: I like to flip through Buyer’s Requests on my phone so I can send offers on the go, but I’ve noticed that in the Android app, you’re unable to choose which gig you respond with, and sometimes the default category just doesn’t make any sense. To respond to Buyer’s Requests with a gig of your choice, you’ll need to use the website instead.

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