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I have problem with seller on fiverr

Guest donkeyduane

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Guest donkeyduane

i have a problem with a seller on fiverr. i order from seller and she writes to me telling me that ’ am just stating this again in this new order so that customer support of fiverr is aware, in case things don’t work out…you see, I don’t mean to insult you but competition here is strict and people do everything to give a negative feedback to a competitor. Blessed be, Zaira’ first time i hear this after 3 purchases on fiverr.

i dont want refund because money dont go back to my paypal. i just want the order delivered. i had a good purchase from a seller on fiverr and this new seller offer something similar but almost copy and paste the gig and instructions so i ask the seller if she is same seller as other girl. she message me 4 times insult me and telling me it is not true and then she cancel gig? if i could put money back on paypal i would cancel long time ago i just want order deliver not argue and seller keep message me insults, that post is just one thing she sent me. can i file complain or what i do. sorry english not good i am italian.

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