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Fiverr Gods Don't hate me, love you guys.... But version 2? OH MAN!

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My thoughts on Fiver V2.

And they’re not good. An honest opinion. Post if you agree with it.

First off, I love you guys at Fiverr, but please tell me this isn’t going to be the version released to the public. I know it’s beta, but there’s so many things wrong I don’t know where to start.


Okay. I admit it. Fiverr V2 looks cool. But that’s about it. It almost seems like you guys have tried to modernize Fiverr by making it something it was never intended to be. (At least I never thought so).

" Fiverr is a marketplace, not a social network!!! "

It feels like with V2 you guys have forgotten that. Sure, having some social networking aspects is great. But like I said, I thought Fiverr was a marketplace. This new design completely hinders the entire marketplace design!

There is nothing intuitive about Fiverr V2. Ya. It looks nice but that’s about it.

My wife is a buyer and she loves browsing around and looking at gigs. She gave up in under 3 minutes and switched to the old version. There’s nothing easy about buying on the new version. Unless, you feel like buying the gigs displayed when you log on. More on the buyer issues in a minute.

As a seller, the interface is completely confusing. Now, I’m not no computer/internet noob. But compared to the old version, and the rest of the internet there’s nothing simple about the new version. Ya. Great. I can see some better anylitics, see some conversion rates… but figuring out which orders are coming is so much harder. Maybe for a casual seller it’s all right there. But for me, the entire interface was not designed for anyone doing over 10… hell, 8 orders at once.

And now to get started on the filter system.

What system? LOL

Maybe I’m missing something, and I’m not the first to say this but where the heck is the rating filter? As a buyer, my wife uses it all the time. And as a seller I get gigs all the time from it. It’s gone! I’ve got a perfect rating, but without that rating filter nobody would ever find my gigs because they are so darn old.

The ranking/rating/search system was great because you earned your climb up the ladder. So, there was always room for new gigs because anyone looking could switch to a by rating view. Without that… I expect sales will plummet all over the site. Not just for us sellers, but for you Fiverr guys as well. Both buyers and sellers use the Rating Filter all the time. To take it away… Oh man.

My point?

The overall design looks cool. But what happened to simplicity? Fiverr is a marketplace first, not a social network. It seems your removing the simplicity of buying and selling and filling it in with useless social stuff.

As for the ‘Filter’ itself. If it ends up not making the cut with Fiverr V2 it’s like a slap in the face for us older Fiverr peoples.

This is your site, but some of us have made it like our second home. It was our sales and traffic that got you guys going and going strong. Without us, you wouldn’t have had the profits you had, or the traffic that we generated promoting our own gigs. Now, you guys are on top and have loads of traffic! But taking out the Filter is like telling us to ‘Go to He%%’ because we earned our rights to show up when people want to sort by rating. That was what it was there for to start with.

So… in the end I guess we’ll see what happens. The filter thing is high on the list of complaints. But taking away the simply market type atmosphere and replacing it with a confusing social network atmosphere could be a downright nightmare for you guys in the long run.

All in all, I hope you figure out how to keep the cool look but keep it simple. For me, it is great the way it is. (As a seller). One page which is “Order Managment”. Click it and go. All in the order of the due dates.

But… I guess we’ll see.

Cheers guys. (My fingers hurt from this long message).

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I can not agree more. I just got access to the new fiverr, and it is beyond frustrating. First of all, it is impossible to find the best sellers in any category. As a seller, it is SO complicated. I have 101 orders in my “to do list.” There are COMPLETED orders in my to do list!! I can’t even view the due date of any of the orders. It is a complete disaster. I am so disappointed with the Fiverr team. It’s a total joke.

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I agree with most of what you say and I’ve actually made a similar post only a few days ago, specifically about the rating problem. But unfortunately I’m not so sure about this:

“I expect sales will plummet all over the site. Not just for us sellers, but for you Fiverr guys as well”.

I don’t know. If a buyer needs to buy a service, they will. It’s just that they won’t be able to find the top rated sellers and so will settle for anyone. So really, I don’t think there’s going to be a drastic drop in sales for Fiverr, only for top rated sellers.

But maybe it will happen in the long-term. If a freelancing marketplace like fiverr doesn’t find a way to significantly reward good performance and professionalism, buyers will slowly be driven away.

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I wish they consider to forget about V2 and instead enhance V1. I know that won’t happen though. 😛

But seriously, I am pretty sure my sales will decrease a lot if V2 gets released in that way. My only hope is that they do something with the new search system.

By the way, yes all my gigs are indexed in the new Fiverr, but they are all way down the list. And I don’t see gigs rotating at all. It’s been 12 hours since I got access to V2 and the same gigs always show up.

While the interface is ‘‘pretty’’, the search is really annoying. Not only because the mess there is, but also because it doesn’t feel right. It feels very uncomfortable to browse.

I would like to know how often they rotate the gigs. I got access several hours ago and immediately searched for my gigs. Now I searched for them again and seems like the same gigs are always there. Perhaps they rotate the gigs on a daily basis. I don’t know, but if that’s not the case, that would be the end of Fiverr in the long run.

Seriously, my highly rated gigs are now way too far from the top of the list. Only a handful of sellers will benefit from this system. Those sellers that are in the top, in the ‘‘best matches’’ section. Seriously, those sellers are going to get all the orders. They are in a better position than featured sellers in V1.

I only hope Fiverr don’t release V2 with all these bugs. Everyday they are granting access to more and more people (even some buyers), while the bugs are still there.

If you ask me, I prefer V1 by far!

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Reply to @merileep, who said: "All I have to say is that I’m a buyer only. And without the rating filter I probably would stop buying a lot of gigs. "

But V2 actually DOES have a way to search & sort for gigs by rating - sort of. No, it is not as good or complete as it was in V1, but it is one of the changes getting the most complaints on these forums, so I think Fiverr will eventually adress it.

The new “Sort by Ratings” now only happens only AFTER you have made an initial keyword search. To get it done under the current draft of V2 you have to do this:

  1. Search for a key word or words, like “jewelry” or “translate Italian” or whatever…

  2. This gives you an initial results page which you can now search any of 5 ways - by rating, or newest, or with video, etc.

    You can see how a bean-counter can argue that the new methodology makes sense. Why would any buyer really care what the absolute top rated gig or newest gigon all of Fiverr really is? Isn’t the point that you should really only want or need to know the ratings of the things you are actually trying to buy - so they only let you “sort” or “filter” the gigs you make a dedicated effort to find? Well, that is what the new V2 developers can posit, I suppose. But my personal favorite search on V1 was to search every day in the Music & Audio category to see all the new gig offerings. Can’t do that now without first searching by keywords, which could miss gigs that are on topic but just don’t use the exact “right” words I in used for my search.

    So I join you in wishing you could search and sort ALL of Fiverr, or at least an entire category instead of only sorting specific search results, but maybe if we keep the issue alive . . .
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Yes. That’s the problem.

If I am looking for Graphics or Logos, I can go to the Graphics category and then filter the gig results relating to graphics/logos by rating. That’s a huge thing.

As a buyer, you already have an idea of the category you are looking for, so it only makes sense to have the ‘Rating’ filter in place for the seperate Fiverr categories.

@Marco_Dee - What I mean is plummeting sales is… well, when you surf the site all the huge hitters (With loads of orders in que are the ones found using the top rated filter. If you look under normal categories you’ll see the gigs on top have some orders in que, but not a lot… until you sort by category rating. So I assume that buyers are using the ‘Sort by rating’ filter, looking at the people with the best rated gig and ordering. Take that away and the top earners sales will plummet. And when I see 100 orders in 1 persons que, then search the other gigs and have to go through like 60 of them to make 100… it kind of makes sense.

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I am a buyer. I have bought many gigs from one seller as he is doing all the graphics for each of my products for my new website. I just got access to V2 and I agree with all the comments. I can’t find anything! It’s made it very difficult for me to figure out how to get to the different gigs he is working on.

And I’ve lost all of my collections! All that work to save all of that! The new way removes “collections” and only lets me save individual gigs with no organization whatsoever.

I can’t even find where to put the feedback!!! I thought I saw a feedback link, but now I can’t find it. Ugh! I hope they drastically improve the navigation before rolling this out. It’s as if they don’t want us to ever order a second time from someone!!!

I’m going back to V1 for as long as I can. While its navigation wasn’t perfect and could use improvement, at least I could find most of what I wanted.

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beverlyetaylor said: And I've lost all of my collections!


On other forum threads a Fiverr employer has said that V2 will eventually have the "collections" feature working soonish - it's in the future, but just not ready yet. So going back and forth between V1 and V2 is probably your best (and only) answer for this problem for now.

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First of all V2 of Fiverr is phenomenal.

LIKE it or HATE it but FIVERR will not gona discard its V2. It will be implemented for sure. Now the thing is it is in still BETA form and alot of BUGS will come and resolved.

All those who are crying about V2 is bad and other things, should understand that FIVERR does not impose this V2 by force so far. Obviously they are developing it and resolving all the problems. Untill it is not stable just SWITCH to OLD VERSION.

Instead of complaining, try to give FEEDBACK and help them make this new V2 a better place for working for all of us.

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Everybody knows V2 is in Beta. But, I don’t think I’m complaining. I’m pointing out valid concerns, which is what this thread (And Category) are for.

I also don’t expect Fiverr to throw away the new version because of a few complainers. Like it or hate it, V2 is coming.

As for leaving this as Feedback to CS… the list is too long and there’s to much for the space the feedback box allows. And this ‘Is’ a Suggestion Box category so I assume Fiverr staff read it from time to time.

Fiverr V2 is NOT phenoomenal at all.

There’s to much missing/glitches.

AGAIN, we all know it’s Beta so that’s to be expected.

I/We are simply pointing out the stuff that should remain the same.

And over half of the posts here are from Buyers and not sellers. Without buyers Fiverr might as well pack up.

The new interface looks nice but is not functional at all.

As a seller, as other people have posted it’s so confusing it’s frustrating. I don’t know which orders are coming and going, and it’s a pain to get to them to even look.

( I think that V2 is designed for people who casually sell. But if you sell a lot of gigs the new interface is really bad right now.)

But, also as a buyer it horrible as well, which is more important.

beverlyetaylor said: I can't even find where to put the feedback!!!

merileep said: All I have to say is that I'm a buyer only. And without the rating filter I probably would stop buying a lot of gigs.

s_sayan said: While the interface is ''pretty'', the search is really annoying. Not only because the mess there is, but also because it doesn't feel right. It feels very uncomfortable to browse.

alliemadison12 said: I can not agree more. I just got access to the new fiverr, and it is beyond frustrating.

I could continue on quoting but the fact is that the new interface is NOT intuitive right now. For buyer or seller.

And finally, what I personally think the main problem is. So here's a quote from myself.

bigbadbilly said: " Fiverr is a marketplace, not a social network!!! "

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I’m going to add some details on why the new interface is so bad as a seller.

(My previous post has answers and such to peoples questions )


The current version.

  • I log in.
  • I go to orders managment.
  • I see, in order of purchase all my current gigs. If the gig is opened, then I know it’s started. Again, it’s all in the order it was purchased. Again. Easy to navigate.

    In Fiverr V2

  • I log in.
  • I see a mess of options.
  • Finally go to the orders page and…

  • Everything is everywhere!!! It’s not so bad when I only have 1 gig active. Then, it’s pretty much in order. However, when I un-pause my other gigs things become a nightmare.

    The list is no longer shown in the order the gigs were purchased. It’s shown with a time limit. So, if I have my 3 gigs active, I have no idea which gigs are coming due because the gig sales are not listed in order of purchase. So I have to open the ones I think are coming due… but if they’re not coming due, then I’ve just opened them and now, if I’'m not careful I’ll assume they are in progress. Why? Again, because they are not in the order they were purchased. Not at all. (I keep writing that, but that’s a huge thing.)

    I get odd days where I’ll have like 20 orders going, for one of my gigs. (And all these have 24 hour deadlines). Then, add another 10 with 12 hours. And if I have my other gigs active, one of them is a week long, and the 3’rd is 24 hours with a 12 hour express. A few times I’ve had 40 orders going, and 11 7 days gigs… all at once.

    With the new system they are listed everywhere and I would have no idea which gigs are coming due without opening every one. This is a huge problem.

    I don’t understand why they would take away the simplicity of knowing how long you have to deliver a gig simply by looking at the main orders managment screen.
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Reply to @bitbyteworld: First of all, we are entitled to our opinion. If you like V2, that’s your business, and your opinion. If we want to complain, then we have the right to do so. Second of all, WE ALL KNOW ITS IN BETA MODE! My problem isn’t even about the bugs, its about the overall experience, and I’ve expressed that to Fiverr’s via feedback box.

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