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Confused: Buyer Request or Seller Request


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I like Fiverr to sell my services. Fiverr Team also working hard to make their marketplace and community better in a standard way.

I like their new feature “Buyer Request” where I can offer my exact service based on a particular need of a buyer even with budget and turnaround match. That’s really helpful to get in touch with a buyer to offer an exact service gig.

But, now a day’s, this feature got to be dust for some amateur sellers. Those sellers are offering their services technically which is supposed to be a Buyer Request. So, the scenario looks like Seller Request to sell their service, instead of Buyer Request to buy a service or ask sellers for their offer via Gig.

Question is: Is any seller getting sells by that odd technique? And what Fiverr Team planning to protect their “Buyer Request” feature from bad intend use?

What you think my mate?

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