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How to get Data Entry Order


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If someone told you this was a really easy site to make money, they told you an untruth. It might have been in the earlier years, but Fiverr now has so many competing users and gigs that it is really, really difficult. Once you get going, it can be done, although data entry is not a high-demand gig as far as I know.

My suggestion is to read through a lot of gig categories and gigs, look at the successful ones that have accounts started in 2015 or later and think about what else you could do or learn. Read through the Fiverr Academy and all the tips in the Tips for Sellers forum. You’ll also have to really figure out how to market yourself. Fiverr search is going through transition and isn’t working all that well, plus the competition factor. This isn’t to discourage you, there is money here, I’m just telling you how it really is. You did good on showing your real location. Good luck!

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