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Helping tips?

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Hello there,

I’d like some advice regarding selling gigs. I’ve been on fiver a little over a month and it’s been almost 2 weeks since my first gig and so far i was able to get 2 orders and received positive feedback which is of course great, however I’d like to know how to attract more potential buyers or maybe tips if the gigs need some sort of enhancement regarding the samples or description. I’ve also created a facebook and twitter to let the word out, but so far it doesn’t seem to do much progress.

I’d be really greatly thankful if someone could help me with this matter! 🙂

Best regards,


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If you want to get your gig found, try these things:

-become a reliable person on the fiverr fourms

-use as many tags as you can when making your gig

-become a reliable buyer with a good rating

-people love videos. Use those whenever you can when you create gig discriptions.

Hope this helps!

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