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My best selling gig keeps appearing and disappearing from search


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I have been having a running battle with the frequent appearance of my best selling gig for over 10 days now The gig url is https://www.fiverr.com/inspiredtony/promote-your-link-to-over-1-million-active-facebook-user

I have delivered well over 1200 orders on this gig and have very good reviews, some 10 days it fell from its number 16 in the social marketing category to below 100, and later vanished completely from search, the fiverr customer support swung into action and got everything sorted out.
All was well until last Friday when it suddenly vanished from search again only to come after a few hours and that has been the trend ever since then.
The fiverr team has been most helpful but i’m beginiing to think there is a bug interfering with my gig, anyone with a similar experience? please i need suggestions.

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