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Made my first sale ! (with a 5 star review also)


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Hello everyone i am George and i am a new seller here. I’ve created 4 gigs and planning more in the future.
On Sunday i got a wonderful email from fiverr that was about an order.My first one ! I jumped right away on my pc and started working on it.My gig was about analyzing a facebook page.I put all my energy and effort to finish it which took me about 3 hours (experience sellers please don’t laugh).Created screenshots, searched the web a lot and made the analysis with a software also.
The final result was a pdf of 14 pages which had in the end my personal recommendations.I am not telling this to show you that i am a guru or something . I just write this to inspire new sellers struggling with their beginning.
And in my personal opinion you must provide to the buyer MAXIMUM VALUE on your first sales.That’s what i did.I also liked my client’s facebook page and subscribed to his youtube channel and in return i kindly and honestly asked for a 5 star review in return for the reason that i am a new seller and this would help me a lot.And he did it ! And i am thankful for it !
The truth is that this is my 3rd sale but the first two was made by friends which i paid 5$ them to do it ( a small tip).Maybe this boost me a little.
That was all about my first sale and hope to get more in the future!And i will work hard on them also!Wish you the same!

Hope you the best in your fiverr journey,
George Matsos

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