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About Me (FontHaunt!) and About this Category!


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This category is for anyone to offer a bio! New users should jump in but it’s open to others. If you’ve been away, old on Fiverr/new to the forum or want to update your intro, go for it.

I am Maddie “FontHaunt” on the volunteer forum team which is made up of admins/moderators. Forum team members are sellers, not staff.

It is OK here to intro your business and services, but it must be part of a “bio” post. No gig, profile or any other links. If you feel your story will tell why you need sales - this is one category where even a sad or fundraiser story is allowed but that doesn’t meant buyers will like it so it’s your own risk! Since many in this category are newbies, moderation may be very light here but please read the forum rules!

New users may also ask questions here, but I don’t recommend it. Categories like Improve my Gig and FAQ are better for that. Moderators and leveled sellers are unlikely to answer questions here, though other new users might respond.

Teams with 1 account are welcome to list your team members and specialties too!

Need ideas for a bio? Here’s my example: Yours can be shorter or longer! I tend to be too wordy but it takes too long to write less. 🙂

Name/UN Maddie/FontHaunt
Time and Role: Buyer and seller for about 2 years.
Location/Origin: From the USA, born in and lived in Texas most of my life.
On Fiverr I sell research, people-finding, article/blog writing, and ghostwriting right now. As a creative I enjoy trying new skills & ideas so I don’t force myself into a category box. Occasionally I hire help, but mostly it’s just me.
Before Fiverr: All my life as a hobby freelance writer but day job was 25+ years working in IT, Technical Writing, Research, Human Resources/Background Checks, PM, Team Morale Consultant & Knowledgebase & Forum Administration. Mainly University jobs, 5 years at a hardware/software co.
Hobbies: Reading fiction & non-fiction, gardening, fishing, horse training and riding, cats, video games (Survival Horror, FPS, MMO and Sim games are some favorites. Diablo 1-3 Forever!)
Why should people buy from me?: I communicate well in English, I’m honest, I love what I do and I think outside of the box well!

Good luck with your gigs! Tell us about you!!

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Name/UN: Kim/Kimnnx
Time and Role: Seller for just about 2 days 🙂
Location/Origin: From the USA
On Fiverr: I am selling graphics but as I become more comfortable with Fiverr, this may open doors as I gain new skills. Currently, I am dusting off my graphic designing program and knowledge in order to offer unique graphic designs.
Before Fiverr: I recently graduated from college last year. I am currently working a full time job and attending graduate school.
Hobbies: I enjoy watching movies/browsing YouTube, trying DIY crafts, and graphic designing 🙂
Why should people buy from me?: The reason why I decided to join Fiverr was to ignite the joy I once had for graphic design. This was my primary hobby a few years ago and unfortunately I did not pursue graphics because I feared the competition in this field. However, it was until I started working a 9-5 office job that I realized I really missed graphic designing and thought Fiverr would be the best way to showcase my creativity and skills. 🙂

Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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Hi, just seen this post. I am a newbie seller on Fiverr but I have over 5 years experience in the content writing and web design fields. I write high-quality content that is fluid, shareable, and optimized for Google so I am your go-to guy if you need SEO writing for your blog. Oh, and I am also a prolific web designer so I can give you a full package (i.e. design your blog and populate it with relevant content)
Looking forward to hearing from you!

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