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48 orders in 30 days and no order in last 9 days :( want to reach level 2 but how ?feeling low


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Hi ,

Myself leena. I am from India.

I completed 48 orders in last 30-40 days but suddenly from last 9 days I haven’t got any order. I don’t know what has happened .

Even I haven’t got a notification.

8-9 days earlier I used to get 3 orders in every two days and a lot of messages related to my gigs. But now everything is gone. Its very demotivating as I don’t even get a message.


What has happened to fiverr? Is there any one else with the same problem?

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Guest firehazardrav

Also guys - try to keep in mind what the hours are of the clients who buy your gigs. Obviously if you’re getting work from 9-5 business guys - they won’t be around to buy gigs on the weekend. Mondays seem to be slow too. If you you’re only getting gigs during certain hours - look and see - where do your clients live?

Another idea - Try to make sure you’re breaking down your offers into gigs to give your clients more options when it comes to ordering instead of lumping lots of features into a single post. You want to try to make gigs that are easy to order more than one of, and try to tie your gigs into each other. Offer to proofread an article - then offer another gig to optimize it!

The only one who can affect your earning potential directly is YOU! Good Luck!

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This is the same case to me. Before January 2017 my positive rating was 98%. Not sure how I got $304 in jan 2017.I got like below, I think this is some kind of de motivation from the Fiverr system.

Jan 2017 $304
Feb 2017 $276
March 2017 $136
and April 2017 $20

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