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Sellers\' Approach to Buyers\' Feedback Ratings


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I have purchased about 120 Fiverr gigs over the last 5 years - so I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.
I have just had a disturbing experience, and would like to find out how other sellers view this matter.
I understand that sellers wish to have a 5 star rating. However, I do not believe that a seller should demand or manipulate this.
In this case, the seller did not initially deliver his work. He delivered a snapshot, and demanded that I complete the order and award a 5 star rating before he would deliver the work. When he finally (late) delivered the work, there were a number of errors which I asked him to correct. When he didn’t respond for a couple of days, I changed my rating to a more “honest” level. The seller finally sent a revised version, and this had even more errors! But he got upset with me and said some outrageous things.
Which got me thinking. This seller seems to have a false idea about the ‘star’ rating. The feedback posted by buyers is not supposed to be for the benefit of sellers and their businesses. The purpose is for the benefit of other buyers, to provide useful information about the quality of a seller’s service to help them make a decision.
I believe it is not in the spirit of Fiverr to demand a buyer to give a certain star rating - it makes a joke of the whole process. Sellers have to earn a 5 star rating by providing a very high standard of work. If it is a poor standard, as it was in this case, then it is a betrayal of my fellow buyers to award 5 stars.
What do you think?

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Brutal… I would suggest if someone pulls something like that (not delivering the work before a rating is left) definitely request cancellation, as they aren’t someone doing good business. And yes, definitely report to customer support, not cool!

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Fiverr’s Terms of Service:

“Withholding the delivery of services, files, or information required to complete the Gig’s service with the intent to gain favorable reviews or additional services is prohibited.”

“Using the Deliver Work button may not be abused by sellers to circumvent Order guidelines described in this Terms of Service. Using the “Deliver Work” button when an order was not fulfilled may result in a cancellation of that order after review, affect the seller’s rating and result in a warning to seller.”

So, definitely report it to Customer Support.

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