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Are my gigs any good?


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🙂 You’re a pro gamer? Does that really exist?

Anyway, your profile looks pretty good to me.

Your gigs look quite good visually on your profile page. They’re bright and clear.

I don’t understand why you’re selling conversions from PDF to word, because that seems like something anyone could do. (?) Maybe your gigs would look more impressive if that wasn’t the first one that hits the eye.

In your app gig you could resize the image so the R in Rank is fully visible at first glance from your profile page and you could tweak the wording of your gig description so you can see from the profile page that you are going to leave 2 “reviews”. (Maybe use “&” instead of the word “and” and maybe say “test/review” or “test-review” to get it all visible.)

With your youtube gig I don’t understand why anyone would want two intros to the same video. But then I don’t know what a blender template is so maybe that doesn’t matter… Unless you mean intros for two videos. Clarify that? (Or maybe it doesn’t matter. And maybe people do like to have two intros on the same video.)
Your demo video looks good. It’s good that you used your username, so it’s clearly likely to be your own work. (Even better would be if it said your name and then it said “On fiverr” or something.)

“Elite” is a slightly strange term to use for keywords. “Extra” maybe.

It’s odd the way you put the number before the $ symbol when saying $5 or $15.

Hope this is useful.

– In return, maybe you could tell me how you created your custom gig. It looks as if I can’t make one because I’m not supplying the right kind of service for that feature. I’m doing literary critique/feedback, (plus fiverr gig reviews), and as far as I can see I don’t have the option to select a custom gig. Thanks for any info you can give me about how you created yours.

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Thanks for the help! I finally got an order. The intro gig I had the two intro option in case you wanted a couple of intros for different videos (more variety). I got rid of the convert gig and will be replacing it. I did the custom gig by clicking a option on the pricing page, I think it was called three tier pricing or something.

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