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How to make your buyer stick with you forever


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This post targets both sellers and buyers; In this case, I am a seller
I have read a few posts by buyers in this forum complaining about the quality of services they receive from sellers. For the sellers who write essays, blogs and articles on fiverr, I have some advice that would help you offer the best services that will make buyers come to you for more.
Buyers do not need plagiarized work. So if you have to get information from other people’s works, please write the main ideas in your own words and make appropriate citations and references. Also, be diligent enough to accept work that you have an idea about. It does not make sense to take a web design assignment when you have no idea about web designing.
Deadlines are an integral component of the fiverr business and sellers must deliver the work within the deadlines. To avoid rushing over the work, start working on the project immediately the clock starts ticking. This will help you conduct comprehensive research on the internet and any other sources of information.
Finally, I know I have given just a few tips, but I have talked about avoiding plagiarism, meeting deadlines and accepting jobs that you are able to do. Please comment with some more to help a fellow seller.

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If you are in the industrialized world, there are thousands of people who have the same project and some repeat buyers.

You only need to stand out among other gigs, and you become a best seller

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