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How do I create a custom gig?


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I now know the answer, so I’ll explain it because it’s not clearly explained in FAQs or help pages, or in other threads.

When you go to “my gigs” in the drop-down menu from your username, you will see two buttons at the top: one is “Vacation Mode” and the other is “Accepting Custom Orders”. If you switch on “Accepting Custom Orders” you will get a custom gig added to your own gigs automatically. You won’t be able to see it, even when you view your profile as a buyer. The only way to see it is to look at your profile when you’re logged out.

This type of custom gig is a way for buyers to send you a request for a service of their own specification.

What I wanted, however, was a gig of my own to select when responding to a buyer on the Buyer Request page, when my other gigs would be too specific or different and might cause confusion.

So I’ve turned off the automatic custom gig and created my own which I will keep paused until I need it and then switch it on to use as a response. That way I won’t have buyers suggesting their own custom gigs to me, but I will be able to respond to buyer requests that seem suitable for me but aren’t an exact match for my other gigs.

I’ll update this if I find I’ve got any of it wrong.

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