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Why call me Honey?


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We get honey, friend, my personal favorite is “dear.”

I know the person who messages me is trying to be nice ( I think ) but every time I get a
message saying “Hi dear,” I cringe…

I’ve had people call me “bro” and personally I don’t mind, same thing with “friend,” ONLY after working on several gigs with that person and I feel like we have built a certain level of trust.

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Different cultures use different phrases.
I find that “Dear” seems to be used mainly by Indian and Pakistani sellers/buyers and it is definitely meant as a term of respect/endearment. Unfortunately it doesn’t come across that way.
“Honey”, I imagine, is something similar.
Personally, I tend to use the buyer/seller’s name, rather than bro, dude or honey. I can’t imagine ever using those in an offline business relationship so I don’t use them online either.
I sign off my messages with “Eoin”, which is my name and this generally leads to them using my name and signing off with their real first name too.

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