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Buyer FAQ's - Contact Fiverr, Refunds, Processing Fees and More


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Buyers don’t always think to check Fiverr FAQ, so for your convenience, here is a list of posts you may need:

Contacting Fiverr:
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How to Submit a Support Ticket ✉ FIVERRCONTACT

For those who cannot find the ticketing system here os a link to contact Customer Support. ✉ Also, as of April 2017 a video created by @smks15 has been added to the bottom of this thread for those who would like a video reference. ? On that page...

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Refunds for Buyers - Getting Funds Back to Your Account - Is it Ever Possible?

Hello all, This topic is brought up a lot by buyers, usually in the Ranting Pot where they are angry because they didn't read the Terms thoroughly. They usually have not informed themselves about the buyer processing fees, refunds coming ONLY in...

Processing Fees:
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Why Did the Processing Fee Go Up? July '16

why did the processing fee go up?

Lost your Forum Post?
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Looking for your Post or Reply?

Don't forget - you can look at your own forum profile to see your own posts, replies and all kinds of information. If a post of yours has been removed due to flags, you will usually get a notification explaining it, but not always. If that...

Should Large (bulk/high-price) Buyer Orders be Split up by Sellers?
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[How To?] Tips for Handling Large Orders

A few months ago, I received an order from someone to create a relatively short promo video. The order total was over $50 which I was pretty excited about even though that may not seem like much to many sellers here on Fiverr. I was talking to the...

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