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Fiverr is using an ALGORITHM!


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(@fonthaunt please relocate if this thread is in the wrong place)

I believe and think that Fiverr might be using a data algorithm to distribute the “Buyer Requests” to sellers.

The reason I have come to this conclusion is the random variance in buyer request amount throughout the days. The amount of traffic Fiverr gets, buyer requests shouldn’t be this random, as at one point, for hours I do not see a single buyer’s request. (And I have been on fiver sometimes for almost 18 hours +).

But I also know that the buyers request page is flawed as there have been bugs where requests repost themselves on refresh, even after removal.

Alas, after all that being said, IF Fiverr DOES use an algorithm, I think it’s great, it would give equal opportunity to ALL sellers to obtain gigs.

IF, they DO NOT, then they SHOULD implement such algorithm!

Please discuss your thoughts on this!

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As far as location for your thread, it’s a good choice. As far as your theory, it makes sense to me. I see Buyer Requests sometimes released one at a time, sometimes several at once, and at extremely varied times of day. Software can do that “randomly” well enough. I am certain BR are not released at a set time every day or even at all every single day. As far as the ones that appear to come back after removal, those are probably re-posts. I see a lot of people posting the same request more than once, but sometimes a minute apart and sometimes hours apart.

I suspect they also have some triggers set up to refuse some requests as spam. I think the flags on those are not yet fine tuned well, since requests get through that shouldn’t and others don’t get through that should. I imagine they have a staff person who goes through them manually, but only when they have extra time, thus the messy situation in BR. I do see a lot of signs that Fiverr is trying to improve the usefulness of BR but their dev department seems to be spread thin.

BTW - if unsure about something, add @MODS or something at the top instead of just my name. While it catches my attention, it might not catch the attention of someone else who is on when I’m not. @moderator, @admin, @MOD, anything like that will work and if it’s in your first sentence it will be spotted more easily. We always appreciate people trying to post in an orderly manner, so thanks!

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