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How to get more fiverr impressions

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recently i listed 3 gigs 1st one is logo design 2nd one is businesscard design then 3rd one is flyer & brochure design i have 13K impressions for businesscard design & 9K impressions for flyer & brochure design but the 1st one i listed the logo designs only 530 single impressions what can i do to get more impressions have to change gig tags or anything else I’m so disappointed in this matter anyone help me to get more impressions in logo designs

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Marketing : to Gigs impressions and Views. If Gigs impressions is high, no views, then your gig thumbnail is not attractive. If Views High, No Click…, then there is something wrong with your Gigs Descriptions / Offer / Price Something like that…, and yes…, marketing is necessary.

I hope this article will be help you

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