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I joined Fiverr 2 Years ago but


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Hi there…
I joined Fiverr almost 2 years ago, at that time i wasn’t able to give it time due to my job and studies.

I got my first logo design at that time. I made it well but customer asked me for multiple revisions which i did.

Later i was unable to deliver his order because he kept asking for revisions.

Today i decided to join Fiverr with full enthusiasm and tried to create my account with my primary email, but it said email already used. I used forget password and recovered my old account and i see $4 and zero stars ratings.

Now the problem is zero star rating, which the customer gave me because i was unable to delivered the revised order i guess.

Please if anybody can help me get rid of this ratings it will effect me and i don’t think anybody is going to order my gigs.


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