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Give me some bot making ideas, get one free if it\'s really good


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I’m robot/bot designer. made a few personal bots for customers, but I’m out of ideas for public bots.

Please give me some popular ideas/tasks that could be done on autopilot (using bots), and if it’s good, I’ll give you one free once I make it.

THE MORE DETAILS THE BETTER, AND IT SHOULD BE A PUBLIC IDEA. not necessarily related to activities on Fiverr website

I have a question too. is it ok to create a simple Fiverr bot? isn’t it against Fiverr TOS?

I don’t mean to spam. like a messenger that sends message to people who bought a -specified - service to advertise a similar one (If they can get messages - have a gig).


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Thanks Fonthaunt.

Actually that question was just a part of what I wanted.
The ideas aren’t limited to Fiverr website.
It could be any web task, for Web Masters or Internet Marketers.
Like, the one I’m working on is a WP installer on cPanel.

I’d be really happy to know about the ideas you say you have.
How would the - let’s say software - be useful handling orders in the last sentence?

Thanks again

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Wow, you are rude. I have removed my comments that were intended to be helpful to you. I have now lost interest in your topic and in being an experienced Fiverr seller and buyer offering thoughtful responses. Rudeness isn’t something a good community needs any more of.

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