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[Deliberately and Unashamedly Controversial] So... Kashmir. Let's Talk [CLOSED]


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The Western media doesn’t care–unless a bunch of Kashmiri refugees invade Europe seeking sanctuary (at which point you will be deemed “brown” and “probably a terrorist anyway”, so enjoy the racial hatred based on media-fueled ignorance).

Since some people are “happy” about this from the other side of the country (or even the other side of the neighboring country, depending on stuff that I don’t know about), I thought nice torch should be shone on this geopolitical incident.

Personally, with no expertise at all, I think Kashmir should be an independent nation state. Solomon-esque judgment isn’t working here (now, Mother Britain knew best here, don’t you think?), and it’s a lovely thought that two countries with nuclear capabilities are staring each other down over resources as the world faces the possibility of a global banking collapse.

But still, some people are happy because… stuff that they won’t comment on. Wonderful!

I do hope anyone living in/with relations in Kashmir are alright though. Some people do care and don’t consider you little ants worth nothing more than a happiness worthy of no comment. That is, unfortunately, your reality outside of slacktivism. I’d just get out and go away. You could come to Greece! There’s quite a lot of Pakistani Kashmiris in my area.

Although the Greeks are suffering their own economic nukeaggedon to save the face of German banks, so maybe go to Germany where you’ll be tarred and feathered as a rapist terrorist. Oh, you have to love the few bad eggs and the way the media latches onto them as an example for millions of displaced people with nothing! /s

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